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  • We support devices from AJA (except Kona KONA LHi and Kona KONA LHe + Plus when using DSK-based switch to live mode) and Blackmagic Design for SCTE-104 insert into the VANC data area of the SDI signal.

  • AJA supports only a single output to carry VANC data. Which output this is depends on the video device and the switch to live method used for the channel.

  • The output of VANC data is currently not supported for channels set up to play out fill and key using a device from Blackmagic Design.

  • To be able to pass through VANC data embedded into the Live Signal, an AJA Io 4K Plus, Io X3, KONA 4 or KONA 5 is needed, or a "4K" “4K” labelled device from Blackmagic Design.

  • We support different SCTE-104 messages. Please contact the vendor of the splicer/inserter for more information about the method supported by their hardware.

  • Check the Just Out logs to verify that the SCTE-104 trigger has been generated by just:out.

  • Using an AJA device, you can use the ntv2watcher appapp” to verify, that the AJA device processed the SCTE-104 trigger coming from just:out.

  • just:in mac/linux v.56.5 x and higher can be used to verify that the SDI signal includes the SCTE-104 trigger. Please check the just:in mac/linux manual for more information.


We have been testing SCTE-104 support ONLY using PAL 1920x1080 1920×1080 HD channels, but expect other formats to work as well.


Playout of SCTE-104 VANC data requires the optional Event Layer license licence.


In case If VANC data has to be passed throughpass-through is required, an AJA FSx device (except the mini), or any other frame store which allows to pass passing through VANC data, has to be used. Please contact the manufacturer of all 3rd party video devices which are used with your setup to make sure, that they can handle the VANC data as needed.