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  1. Using an Apple silicon-based Mac for the machine running Just Out, the AJA driver version 16.2.x or higher is recommended.

  2. Using an Apple silicon-based Mac for the machine running Just Out, the Blackmagic Design driver version 12.7 or higher is recommended.

  3. The HDMI output of the Mac can NOT be used for the broadcast output signal. Please ensure that one of the dedicated video devices listed below is used.

This chapter contains a list of supported video devices for playout in SD, HD or UHD. When using a Thunderbolt device from AJA, Blackmagic Design or PCI card (in a Sonnet enclosure), please ensure that the speed of the Thunderbolt bus is at least 20 Gbit/s (i.e. Thunderbolt 2). This is especially important when playing out in UHD. Connections using 40 Gbit/s (i.e. Thunderbolt 3) are preferred.


Blackmagic Design

AJA and Blackmagic Design

  • KONA LHi 2

  • KONA LHe Plus (F&K)2

  • KONA 1

  • AJA Io X3

  • Ultra Studio 4K 1

  • Ultra Studio HD Mini

  • DeckLink mini monitor (4K)

  • AJA Io 4K 1

  • AJA Io 4K Plus

  • AJA KONA 4

  • AJA KONA 5

  • AJA T-TAP Pro

  • UltraStudio 4K (30fps max) 1

  • UltraStudio 4K mini

  • Ultra Studio 4K Extreme 3

  • DeckLink SDI (4K)

  • DeckLink Studio (4K)

  • DeckLink

  • 4K

  • Extreme (12G)

  • DeckLink 8K Pro

  • DeckLink 8K Pro Mini

1 Legacy. This device has been working with previous versions of Just Out, but is not available for purchase from AJA/Blackmagic Design anymore. Please check if there are drivers available for your device supporting macOS Monterey (12.67.x) or higher from AJA/Blackmagic Design, which will make the hardware compatible with our software.