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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


On the just:in Engine Linux server appliance you can find:


just:in Engine (tme) and just:connect (tjc) start automatically when the OS starts. If they are configured properly they can immediately communicate with a just:in User Interface.

User and Password

The system can be accessed with following credentials via ssh.

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User: justin
Password: justin

ssh justin@IP-ADDRESS

Network Settings

By default both network ports are set to DHCP (also the IPMI port is set to DHCP). When connected to the just:in linux server appliance with ssh, the IP addresses can be displayed with one of the following commands:


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sudo ipmicfg -m


As mentioned above, the server can also be accessed via the IPMI port. To do so, simply open a browser and enter the IPMI IP-Address. Access the page with ADMIN:ADMIN.

Blackmagic Firmware Updater


Only update the Blackmagic driver if you have issues with the system.


Code Block
BlackmagicFirmwareUpdater update [device]

just:connect Configuration File & Logs

just:connect stores all Channel related information (settings, presets…) in this file:



Please beware that you can also save and restore this JustConnect.txt file within the UI (config panel - System Tab).


just:connect saves log files. There is log file for each just:connect start and for each channel. It can be found here:


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Restarting just:in Engine Linux and just:connect

These commands restart just:in Engine Linux and just:connect. They must be executed as root ('sudo').

just:in Engine Linuxsudo systemctl restart tme
just:connectsudo systemctl restart tjc
just:in Engine Linux &
sudo tme restart (this command will delete all existing log files from both, tme and tjc and backups everything to /media/internal_raid/tools/)

Automatic Server Restarts

If the server should be rebooted automatically, a cronjob has to be activated. This can be done with the following command as root:


This command restarts the server everyday at 2AM.

Software Updates

Please contact your TOA reseller or TOA directly if you want to update your just:in linux appliance.