Server Administration (2.0)

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On the just:in Engine Linux server appliance you can find:

  • Minimal CentOS installation (CentOS 7.x)
  • Video card driver (AJA/BMD)
  • just:in Engine (TOA Media Engine = tme)
  • just:connect (TOA just:connect = tjc)

just:in Engine (tme) and just:connect (tjc) start automatically when the OS starts. If they are configured properly they can immediately communicate with a just:in User Interface.

User and Password

The system can be accessed with following credentials via ssh.

User: justin
Password: justin

ssh justin@IP-ADDRESS

Network Settings

By default both network ports are set to DHCP (also the IPMI port is set to DHCP). When connected to the just:in linux server appliance with ssh, the IP addresses can be displayed with one of the following commands:

ip addr
ifconfig -a

The IP address for the IPMI port gets shown at startup, when there is a monitor connected to the server (VGA port) or the address can be displayed with following command (you will not be asked for a password here):

sudo ipmicfg -m


As mentioned above, the server can also be accessed via the IPMI port. To do so, simply open a browser and enter the IPMI IP-Address. Access the page with ADMIN:ADMIN.

Blackmagic Firmware Updater

Only update the Blackmagic driver if you have issues with the system.

In some situations the Blackmagic video card needs a Firmware update. Verify if the card is working properly with the installed driver version by using the following command:

BlackmagicFirmwareUpdater status

No Firmware update is required if all inputs display the status ok. If the status is not ok use following command to update the firmware. Restart the system afterwards.

BlackmagicFirmwareUpdater update [device]

just:connect Configuration File & Logs

just:connect stores all Channel related information (settings, presets…) in this file:


Delete this file if there is a major problem with the system. After deleting this config file just:connect (tjc) must be restarted and reconnected within the UI.

Please beware that you can also save and restore this JustConnect.txt file within the UI (config panel - System Tab).


just:connect saves log files. There is log file for each just:connect start and for each channel. It can be found here:


The just:in linux engine also saves logs for each channel. These can be found here:


Restarting just:in Engine Linux and just:connect

These commands restart just:in Engine Linux and just:connect. They must be executed as root ('sudo').

just:in Engine Linuxsudo systemctl restart tme
just:connectsudo systemctl restart tjc
just:in Engine Linux &
sudo tme restart (this command will delete all existing log files from both, tme and tjc and backups everything to /media/internal_raid/tools/)

Automatic Server Restarts

If the server should be rebooted automatically, a cronjob has to be activated. This can be done with the following command as root:

 (crontab -l 2>/dev/null; echo "0 2 * * * /usr/bin/tme restart") | sudo crontab -

This command restarts the server everyday at 2AM.

Software Updates

Please contact your TOA reseller or TOA directly if you want to update your just:in linux appliance.

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