3.1.3 Changing Channels Settings (just:in Engine Linux v1.0)

To change Channel Settings deactivate the desired Channel(s) by unchecking the corresponding checkbox(es).

Deactivating a Channel will make it unavailable in connected just:in User Interfaces.

Basic Channel Settings


  • Channel Name: Edit the Channel name by double clicking on the name within the Channel List.
  • Input Source: Select the Input Source here.
  • Video Mode: Select a Video Mode here. The modes depend on the Engine's Framerate and the Video Device.
  • Chunk Length: Set the Chunk Length here. The maximum is 12:00:00:00.
  • Port: Edit the Channel Port here.
  • Signal Loss: By default a Channel continues to write into the same container when there is a signal loss during recording. The gap during the signal loss will be filled with black frames automatically. The Channel might get out of AV sync in case of a a signal loss that occurs on a running Channel/Engine. By disabling this option, the channel stops recording when there is a signal loss during recording.
  • Restart channel if not recording: This option is disabled by default. When enabling this option the channel will be restarted after a signal loss. This will only be done when the channel is in idle mode. Channels in recording mode will not be restarted.

Please beware that this option is enabled by default, when using an AJA device as input source. This can not be changed.

Preview Settings:

  • Resolution: Two resolution options are available:
    • High: 640x360px
    • Low: 480x270px
  • Frame rate: Preview frame rate can be changed between 0 (native or 30) 30.
  • Quality: Can be changed between 10-100%.

(Re-)Enabling a Channel

After changing the settings of a Channel you need to enable it again by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. You can only activate Channels with valid Video Modes.