2. Hardware (just:in Engine Linux v1.0)

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Number of usable Channels

The number of Channels you can use depends on the Linux server (= hardware). By default just:in Linux v1.0 supports these hardware configurations:

  • 4xHD or 1x4k/UHD (up to p60) - JIL4
  • 8xHD or 2x4k/UHD (up to p60) - JIL8

Configuring the Linux Hardware

All Linux related settings like network configuration and storage settings should be done by a certified ToolsOnAir partner. After that, it is not required to change any just:in related settings on the Linux server, as every setting can be done via the just:connect User Interface.

Expansion PCIe Cards

just:in Linux is shipped as a server appliance and comes with a video card already integrated. It is also possible to add another PCIe card to the second slot, like a fibre channel card to connect different storage systems to the Linux appliance.

The system is shipped with two 10Gbit RJ45 ports per default.

Internal RAID

The system is shipped with an internal RAID (RAID 10). This RAID is available at /media/internal_raid/ingest and is shared via SMB by default (justin:justin).

Please consult a certified ToolsOnAir partner or a member of ToolsOnAir when enabling any post record file move processes in order to prevent problems.

Installation User Interface

The just:in User Interface can be downloaded from our support system or you can connect via SMB (justin:justin) to the Linux system and mount the share point /media/internal_raid/tools. Afterwards you can copy the just:in User Interface from there.

just:in Mac and just:in Linux are using the same user interface, which is currently v3.

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