just:live Known Issues (v2.5)

Using a "Contour ShuttlePRO" changes the UI

When using the shuttle wheel of a Contour ShuttlePRO device for previewing a file in just:live's UI and the mouse cursor is above the workbench or above a Timeline, the OS interprets the shuttle movement as a scrolling wheel and therefore moves the scrollbar and/or changes the scaling of the Timeline.

Broken Videos

It is important to make sure that all files which should be played out are supported and can be played out. An unlicensed version of the play out engine running on another Mac can be used to test new files. Make sure that the machines are absolutely the same, hardware and software wise. Make sure all Videos are available, in case reference Videos should be used. Trying to play out broken or unsupported Videos can harm the final output and even crash the engine.

Using Videos with RT Aspect Ratio change can not be used as part of a RT graphics template with the just:out Engine Output function

Even it is possible to apply a RT aspect ratio change to a Video which is used as a part of a graphics file, the change of the aspect ratio will be ignored during the time the graphics Template is on air. Therefore we recommend to avoid situations where Video with the wrong aspect ratio are used as part of a RT graphics template using the Just Out Engine Output Function.

Changing the Rundown in the Timeline while a Video is paused

Although it is possible to change the rundown while a Video is paused we strongly recommend not to do so and change the rundown only while a Video is playing or at a time where no Video is on air. Changing the rundown while a Video is paused can corrupt the playlist and it is possible that it is not possible to resume the playout until the channel has been restarted.

Please take a look at the → ToolsOnAir Helpdesk Knowledgebase for frequently asked questions.