6.13 Finished Actions & Looping Videos (v2.5)

By default, the passed through live signal or black is on air, depending on the preset made by your system administrator. While playing a Video or Graphics Element, this Element will be added to the default output. Once the end of the Element has been reached, the default output will be on air again. In case you would like to execute another action automatically at the end of the playout of an Element you need to define a Finished Action.

Finished Actions in the Timeline

This is an Element with a Finished Action. You can set the Finished Action of an Element in the Inspector under the Control section.

Types of Finished Actions

  • None: Output switches back to live (or black).
  • Play Next: Automatically plays the next scheduled Element.
  • Cue Next: Cues the first frame of the next Element.
  • Hold Last: Holds the last frame.
  • Reload: Reloads the clip, output switches to live input (not available when Loop is activated).
  • Recue: Recues the clip and waits at the first frame (not available when Loop is activated).
  • Hold and Cue Next: Holds the last frame and cues the first frame of the next Element after the predefined time (default: 1 second)
  • Hold and Play Next: Holds the last frame and plays the next Element after the predefined time (default: 1 second)

The Loop Option

In addition to the Finished Action you can define that a Video should play in a loop. Doing so the Video will be On Air until you disable the loop attribute. The Video will play until its end and will then execute the Finished Action – unless you click on the Play button which will skip the remaining frames of the clip and executes the Finished Action immediately.

Clicking on the Play button while playing a…
  • Video: the Finished Action is executed immediately.
  • Graphic Element: the Finished Action is executed immediately.
  • Graphic Element is waiting for a stop frame: the stop frame will be released so the Graphic Element continues to play until the next stop frame is reached – or unit it reaches its end.

  • Pressing the Play button while playing a Video, the Finished Actions Hold Last, Hold, Cue Next and Hold and Play Next can not be executed, therefore the None action will be used instead.
  • While playing a graphic Element, only the Finished Actions None, Play Next and Reload are available.