2. just:live Channel Login (v2.5)

Connecting to a just:live Channel

To use just:live you need to connect to a Channel.

  1. Start just:live. The Login window shows up.
  2. Select a Channel in the channels drop-down box.
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Click the Connect button to start the just:live UI with the selected channel activated.

Once the just:live user interface has been started it will gather the Channel information from just:connect and present the information in the user interface.

You will get a warning if access is denied. Contact your system administrator if one of the following messages appears:

  • Message 1: "Sorry, User..."
  • Message 2: "Sorry, Interface Client..."
  • Message 3: "This channel is only for use with just:play!"

Managing just:live Channel Connections

Your system administrator should have already defined Channels which can be selected using the channels drop-down box.
Clicking the sprocket flips the Login window and shows the connection status of all Channels.

Contact your system administrator before making any changes.