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 About Just Mount

just Mount is a application tool built by ToolsOnAir to connect in smoothly and automatic way to our just: store appliance. It has been built for daily use and allow the end user to have status and connection to several just: store units simultaneously. The software has 2 components - Just Mount and Just automount

We will start by showing Just Mount

 Main Screen

The main initial screen consists of 3 areas, as following;

  • Connections - The first area identify the name of the server, the status and the username currently connected. (Please be aware that the username and the password are correspondent to the sharepoint users inside just: store). This area is also responsible to "add" or "edit" the server connections for your just: store. It also shows if just: mount can reach just: store, it will show "green", if not it will show "red" indicating that the server is unreachable.

  • Active Connection - Once you select the server and clicked on "Connect" or "Refresh" it will identificate the actual server that you are connected with.
  • Sharepoints - The last area you should enter your password if required. This field is only required if you have SharePoint that require authentication (User)

 Mount Screen

Mount Screen

This screen allows you to mount or unmount interactively SharePoint from your target just: store

Lists all users on the system usernames NFS-hostnames and allows you to delete user accounts.

The mount screen consists of 5 fields, as following;

  • Mount - The first field is responsible for mounting the SharePoint from the target just: store. Click at this box only after deciding the protocol to be used.

  • Sharepoint - In this field, you can check the name of the SharePoint available to mount. The complete list and configuration of those SharePoint, you can find the just: store manual 2.6

  • Disk - This field identifies which array this SharePoint is physically located. RAID1 is the first array, if you have an expansion it will show RAID2, RAID3 and so on, depending on where you configured the target SharePoint

  • Protocol - This field is responsible for selecting in which protocol the desired SharePoint will be mounted. Bear in mind that this drop-box will only show the configured protocols available at the target SharePoint (again for more details refer to the manual just: store manual 2.6. Also, we don't recommend to mix NFS with any other protocol. If this is necessary for your workflow, please make sure to follow the best practices policy described in our knowledge base.

  • Status - If your's just: store SharePoint is mounted successfully, this box will appear checked automatically after you click on the Mount checkbox.

If this is the first time that you use just: mount, it will prompt you to type your administration password from the mac where you are running this software. If you enter the wrong password, the software will not be able to mount ANY SharePoint.

If the SharePoint is successfully mounted, the status checkbox will appear checked and the target SharePoint will appear as a network storage. All mounted SharePoint will be automatically saved and be mounted for your every time that you open your just: mount or every time that you executed just: automounter

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.