Version 2.0: Important Notes

For Customers Updating From Previous Versions To v2.0 Or Higher

  • Starting with version v1.8 the activation is no longer done on the machine running just:out, but on the machine running just:connect. This means that all customers with a valid maintenance contract who would like to update to v1.8.x should contact ToolsOnAir at for a new license key.
  • All customers upgrading from a previous version need a new v2.0 activation code to be able to play out using just:out without a watermark.

Thank you – The ToolsOnAir Support team:

For Customers Using The Event Option

Starting with version 1.8, event devices such as GPI output or video routers are defined for a channel in just:connect. In previous versions this was done in just:out. If you have defined any event devices in a previous version using just:out and you would like to reuse them in v1.8, you will need to import them into the relevant channel in just:connect.

  1. To import previous event devices you must run the "TOA System Checker" on the machine running just:out v1.7.1 or earlier before you install any of the other applications via drag & drop.
  2. Now navigate to the "Library" folder in the Finder. Use the "Go" menu in the Finder while holding the "alt"-key and selecting "Library".
  3. Then select the "Preferences" folder and locate the file "com.toolsonair. Just_Out.plist". Copy this file to the system running just:connect.
  4. Then – after starting just:connect – select "Import just:out 1.7 settings" from the "Help" menu and select the "com.toolsonair.Just_Out.plist" file you copied before. 
  5. Any event devices from the settings file will then be imported into the selected channel." 

Please contact ToolsOnAir in case you need help to save your Events:

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