4.14 Inspector: Audio Specific Attributes (v2.0)

Click on an Audio file in the Workbench to change its attributes in the Inspector.

 Standard Attributes

  • Name: Name of the selected element.
  • In/Out Point: Sets the in/out-point of a movie.
  • Duration: Shows the duration of the selected item depending on the defined in/out-point.
  • Color: An element may have a color defined by selecting it in the inspector. The color of each element is also shown in a column in the workbench (if this column is enabled). When dragging and dropping elements from the library, the "Finder" color (if defined) will automatically be set for the element and shown in the workbench.


  • Channels: Shows the number of audio tracks coming with this audio file.
  • Volume: Allows you to adjust the volume of a audio file with a value between 0 (muted) and 1 (full volume). The volume can be changed while the audio is on air and the change will be taken over immediately once the mouse button has been released.
  • Live Volume: The "Live Volume" attribute is the same as the "Volume" attribute but relates to the volume of the live input. By default the "Volume" is set to 1 (full volume) and the "Live Volume" is set to 0 (muted).


  • Track: just:live reflects the activated layer count for the active channel, so there can be multiple layers available for playout. If you have more than one audio layer, you can load an element to the layer of your choice. Select the element, then set the target layer you want to use in the inspector.
  • Finished Action: Using this function it is possible to define which action is executed once the end of the selected audio file is reached.
  • Loop: Activate this checkbox to play the selected audio file in a loop.

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