[JIM] Software Installation & Upgrade v.6.2

Please note that you will need a new Activation Key, when upgrading from just:in mac v.5.5 or previous versions.

When upgrading from v.6.0 or v.6.1, your Activation Key still works.

Download & Installation

Download just:in mac from our website or the ToolsOnAir Support System (free account required). Open the disk image and drag (“Copy” & “Paste”) the Just In Engine and the Just Control applications to your macOS “Applications” folder.

Upgrade from an older version of just:in mac

To update your existing just:in mac v.4.0 or v.5.x installation, simply drag (“Copy” & “Paste”) the new version into your macOS “Application” folder. All existing settings will be taken over and you can start using the new just:in mac version without any further action (new Activation key required)

If you are updating from an older version of just:in mac (v.3.5 or older), please contact ToolsOnAir and/or create a ticket in our Support System, so that we can help you with the installation and update process.

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