just:in linux v.6.1

just:in linux is is our enterprise-grade, client-server based ingest solution for multichannel recording from SDI, HDMI, NDI®, SRT and UDP input sources. It unites the power of a macOS client frontend with the scalability of a Linux-based backend.

Just Control is the versatile single/multi-channel control application, running on macOS, for both our ingest and playout solutions, with built-in video and audio previews and feature-aware inspector to enable the operator to control all available ingest and playout channels from a single user interface.

Just Control Configuration Panel lists all connected just:in linux engines and available Channels (=Inputs). Within this panel, Engine and Channel settings can be adjusted and all kinds of Presets (Capture, Destination, Naming, Metadata, Events, Markers) can be created and modified.

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