Please read before using Just In Mac Lite NDI!

The Just In Mac Lite NDI application employs the official macOS NDI SDK 5.6 to establish connections with available NDI® streams within a designated network. Given the inherent characteristics of NDI technology, as well as the variability in networking configurations and infrastructure, it is important to note that the performance and integrity of all recordings might vary. Please refer to the official NDI documentation for detailed information: https://docs.ndi.video/docs/docs/index.

Recommendations for Optimal Performance:

  • Utilise a dedicated network port exclusively for receiving NDI streams, ensuring segregation from other network traffic.

  • In a multi-channel setup, it is highly advisable to employ a 10G network port/connection for enhanced performance.

  • We recommend the use of Netgear AV switches and the application of the appropriate NDI profile when incorporating Just In Mac Lite NDI into your workflow.

License System

Please note that internet access is required to license your application.

The Just In Mac Lite NDI application uses an online license system for activating, deactivating, and checking your license status. So, you'll need an internet connection for these actions.

Whenever you activate, deactivate, or transfer the license, you'll need to be connected to the internet.

Once activated, the app checks your license status every seven days. This means you can use the app offline for about a week before it needs to connect to the internet again to confirm your license.

Supported macOS versions and Apple silicon hardware

The Just In Mac Lite NDI application has been improved to accommodate the latest macOS features and is fully macOS Sonoma (14.2.x), macOS Ventura (13.6.x), and macOS Monterey (12.7.x) certified. It is highly recommended to use Apple silicon hardware when using the Just In Mac Lite NDI application.

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