just:in mac lite NDI v.6.x

just:in mac lite NDI is a powerful basic version of the versatile just:in mac client-server capture solution for the macOS platform. It shares the same flexible and reliable capture engine of just:in mac and covers the indispensable recording functions of broadcast and production environments that might not require the full feature set of our flagship capture solutions or are in demand for a budget-friendly capture solution.

Supported Inputs: NDI® (v.5/v.6)

Support Capture Modes: Crash (Gang, Split), Schedule

Supported Encoding: CPU or Apple hardware accelerated (selectable for each Capture Presets)

Supported Codecs and Containers: All ProRes (MOV), H.264 (MOV and MP4), HEVC (MOV), XDCAM HD 422 (MXF), Uncompressed 8/10-bit (MOV)

Available for purchase via the ToolsOnAir Online Shop at EUR/USD 95.00 (VAT excluded).

Record up to 8 Channels on a qualified Mac with one just:in mac lite NDI licence!

With just:in mac lite NDI you can record up to 8 channels (i.e. 8 NDI® streams) of SD, HD or UHD video on a single Mac in either Crash (Gang and Split) or Schedule recording mode, very much depending on the Mac model used and the amount of available storage.

Growing Files Support

In production scenarios where almost immediate access to the recordings is essential, the support for so-called Growing Files is indispensable. This allows the editors to access and edit files while the recording is in progress, and at the same reduces additional post-production time. Growing Files recorded with just:in mac lite NDI are compatible with Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe's Premiere Pro (MXF container only).

Seamlessly Schedule Your Recordings

An important aspect of the daily production routine is the ability to schedule recordings to enhance overall efficiency. just:in mac lite NDI uses the same method as the premium just:in mac solution to accomplish this, by using the Apple Calendar application available as part of every qualified macOS system. Just like creating a calendar appointment, the scheduled programming of recordings is achieved in the simplest possible way, by creating a calendar event that will automatically start and stop a recording scheduled for the related channel.

Flexible Apple Intel and Apple silicon Media Engine hardware acceleration support

The availability of hardware-accelerated encoding support for the H.264 and HEVC (H.265) formats was introduced as of macOS High Sierra (10.13), in combination with qualified Apple machines running on Intel Cores at first. It has been vastly improved with the introduction of the Apple silicon-based Media Engine lately.

The just:in mac lite NDI solution feature the unique option to choose either CPU or hardware-accelerated encoding when using the recent Apple silicon models. This is to overcome possible encoding limitations when using a combination of Apple ProRes or H.264/HEVC Capture Presets in the available recording Channels. Please note that the Apple hardware acceleration for ProRes encoding is limited to progressive formats, therefore not supporting either interlaced formats or alpha channels.

Extensive support for timecode input sources

just:in mac lite NDI supports various timecode sources to accommodate your needs.

  • Computer Time: the standard Timecode option available on every Mac, based on Time of Day information.

  • LTC over Audio: used with a USB Audio interface to sense and decode an audio-based LTC signal.

NDI® Sources

Full discovery and recording support for NDI High Bandwidth/HX3 sources based on the open, low-latency video-over-IP protocol, a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB. just:in mac lite NDI employs the latest macOS NDI SDK to establish connections with available NDI streams within a designated network. Given the inherent characteristics of NDI technology, as well as the variability in networking configurations and infrastructure, it is important to note that the performance and integrity of all recordings might vary. All ToolsOnAir capture and playout solutions or point products fully support NDI High Bandwidth/HX3 to ensure a straightforward IP-based workflow.

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