[JIML] Configuration Panel v.6.0

The Just In Mac Lite Configuration panel lists all available Channels (i.e. Inputs). Within this panel, the Channel settings can be adjusted and all different kinds of Presets (Capture, Destination, Naming) can be created and modified.


The configuration of the Just In Mac Lite application is done within the Just In Mac Lite Configuration panel. All settings are managed herein.


Here is an overview of the settings available in the tabs within the Just In Mac Lite Configuration panel- An in-depth explanation of these options can be found throughout this user guide.

  • Device: LTC Audio Device” setting.

  • Capture Presets: Define Codec/Container settings.

  • Destination Presets: set your recording destinations here.

  • Naming Presets: configure the naming convention of recorded files.

  • System:

    • Logs & Profiles: the related Just In Engine, Channel, and Just Control logs can be saved here (aka “TOA System Profile”).

  • Activation: activate your Just In Mac Lite Channels here. You’ll need a valid permanent or temporary licence to do that. Note, that you can always run a fully featured trial version of Just In Mac Lite with the only restriction of a watermark applied to the recorded video file.

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