[JIML] User Interface v.6.0

The following chapters explain the user interface of the Just In Mac Lite application. You will learn how to:

  • Connect to Channels.

  • Work with Channels.

  • Customise the User Interface.

  • Use the Inspector to adjust Channel Settings and to start/stop Recordings.

Just In Mac Lite User Interface

  • The User Interface controls & manages Channels

  • It enables you to you create, modify & manage various device settings, capture & destination presets.

  • The Just In Mac Lite user interface provides a Realtime Video, Audio, and Timecode Preview of the Channel and allows selecting Capture- and Destination-Presets for the selected Channel(s).

  • It is used to execute Recordings, using one of the available Capture Modes (Crash or Schedule).

  • The application has access (if granted) to the macOS Calendar application and can therefore receive scheduled recording events in Schedule Mode.

Access to macOS Calendar

The Just In Mac Lite application needs access to the macOS Calendar application to receive scheduled recording events when using the Schedule Mode. If you do not grant the application access to the Calendar application, the Schedule Mode will not work as expected. When launching the Just In Mac Lite application for the first time, macOS asks if you allow the application to access the Calendar application. Press “Allow Full Access” to ensure that the Schedule Mode is working correctly.

You can change the permissions at any time within the Privacy & Security preference pane in the System Preferences of macOS, as shown below.

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