7.5 Date/Time Components

Digital Date/Time

This component can be used to display the date and/or time. There are several predefined formatting patterns, but you can use your own as well. The table below contains all formatting variables:


GEra designatorText
MMonth in yearText and number
dDay in monthNumber
hHour in am/pm (1~12)Number
HHour in day (0~23)Number
mMinute in hourNumber
sSecond in minuteNumber
EDay in weekText
DDay in yearNumber
FDay of week in MonthNumber
wWeek in yearNumber
WWeek in monthNumber
aAM/PM markerText
kHour in day (1~24)Number
KHour in AM/PM (0~11)Number
ZTime zoneText
'Escape for text
"Single Quote


Digital Time (With Separators)

This component displays the time in HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format, where each separator can be flashing. The position of the separators has to be defined manually in the Inspector.


Analog Clock

This component displays an analog clock with three handles for hours, minutes and seconds. The size of each handle can be modified separately in the Inspector, as well as the border and the center dot.


Countdown / Countup

These components count up or down. You can define the minutes and seconds in the Inspector. The 'Pause' input port can be used to pause the counter temporarily.

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