just:in multi v1.8 Getting Started

By upgrading just:in multi v1.6 to v1.8, please keep in mind that you will need a new activation code and that you have to create new destination presets. Please delete the old one, you can find these presets here: /Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just In

 Video device driver installation

Install the driver of choice (AJA or BMD; no driver required for Deltacast).


Make sure you're running OS X 10.9.5/10.10.5/10.11 or higher. Double-click on the DMG installer and click Agree to accept the license agreement. To install just:in, drag and drop the application icon onto the Applications folder.


New with version 1.8 is the redesigned just:in Configuration panel within the just:in Engine QuickTime application. This panel will be automatically opened upon a new or upgrade install, in order to speed up the configuration tasks. In the Just In Configuration panel you will see five tabs:

  • Engine: select the desired framerate (23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 or 60). 
  • Channels: select the available channel that you would like to configure and select the appropriate settings. The available video modes for the selected framerate will be displayed automatically. Once done click on the appropriate checkbox to automatically activate the channels in the engine without the need of an application restart.


Create a new capture (PAL, NTSC, HD or Custom) and a destination preset.

  • capture preset consists of the following options: TV NormContainerAspect RatioCodec and Audio Channels (Mono or Stereo). Once you have defined your preset of choice click Save and enter a descriptive name for it. Make sure that this preset is saved into "/Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/JustIn".
  • destination preset consists of the following options: Main ContainerReference Movie or XML and whether it is a Main Path or a Fallback Path. In order to get you started, it would suffice to create one Main Container entry with the type Main Path. Click on the “+” button to create a new entry. Under Container select Main Container, then the path/destination you want to record to and Main Path as type. Once you have defined your destination of choice click Save and enter a descriptive name for it. Make sure that this preset is saved into "/Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/JustIn".


To activate just:in multi, click on the Activation tab and enter an activation key either for demo (without watermarks) or permanent use (licensed) in the Activation Code field. Once you're done, please restart the Just In Engine Quicktime engine. Please note: just:in multi works in full-featured mode without an activation key! In Trial Mode you will see a watermark every four seconds. Please contact ToolsOnAir to get a temporary activation code that removes the watermark.

  Launch the User Interface

You have successfully completed the Just In Engine Quicktime configuration. Now we’re going to launch the just:in multi user interface. Navigate to the "/Applications/Just In" folder and run "Just In Multi". In the just:in multi user interface connect window select/check the channel you wish to control and record on. Press Connect to open the user interface.


 Make Your First Recording

You are now ready to proceed with your first recording. Select the appropriate Timecode Source and both Capture and Destination presets, then press the Record button. You will now be recording in Crash mode.

Read the User Manual

→ just:in multi User Manual

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