13.1 Adding or Removing an Online or Offline Channel (v.5.x)


You must unlock the Just Control Configuration window and also stop the channel(s) first to perform any changes.

Adding an Online Channel

An Online Channel is a Channel that has a Just Out engine assigned. It can therefore be used for the final output.

  1. To add a new Online Channel, click on the Device you would like to add the new Channel to and click on the “Plus  button at the bottom of the Devices & Channels list.


  2. Configure the Channel using the New Channel Wizard as described in Chapter https://toolsonair.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TST/pages/3580594601 .

    Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 14.24.18.png

Adding an Offline Channel

In some situations, it is useful to have a Channel which has no Just Out engine assigned to it. Such a Channel is usually used to build Playlists, which are then transferred to an active Online Channel using the Watch folder functionality or a Playlist Repository folder.

An Offline Channel should have the same attributes as the Online Channel the Playlists are made for.

To create an Offline Channel based on an existing Online Channel, select an Online Channel in the “Devices & Channels” list.

  1. Press the Plus (“+”) button at the bottom of the Devices & Channels list and select Make Offline Channel.

  2. A new instance of the selected Channel will be added to the Devices & Channels list with the same name and the suffix “(offline)”.

Removing (deleting) a Channel

This action will delete the Channel file which is saved at “/Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just Connect”. This action cannot be undone.

  1. Deactivate the checkbox in front of the Channel you would like to delete. A warning is shown that stopping the Channel will also stop the Playout. Click “Stop” to confirm.

  2. Press the Minus (“-”) button at the bottom of the “Devices & Channels” list.

  3. Accept the warning by clicking the “Delete” button to delete the Channel immediately.

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