[JIL] Known Issues v.6.0

Just Control

  • The elapsed recording time display will be wrong, when a scheduled recording get started in the middle of an event (=not at the original start time). The elapsed recoding time will be calculated from the original start time of the recording event.

  • When a channel is running in Crash Mode, but in idle mode (preview only, no recording), the channel does not switch to Schedule Mode automatically when there is a scheduled recording set in the specific calendar. Therefore, channels need to be manually switched into Schedule Mode to successfully record the scheduled events.

  • When a channel loses it’s signal during recording and the channel option for this case is set to “Add Black Frame” or “Duplicate last valid frame”, the ongoing recording can not be stopped manually until a valid signal comes back.


  • If you change the "Service USB" settings, it is required to click the "Apply" button and restart the application, otherwise the settings will not take effect.

  • Do not disconnect the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB while using live:cut, otherwise live:cut will unexpectedly quit.

  • When importing XML into Apple Final Cut Pro 7 it states "uncritical errors while importing the XML". This message has no further effects and can be disregarded.

  • When planning recording sessions, please make sure they do not exceed midnight, due to a time mismatch.

  • There is an issue with importing FCPXML into Adobe Premiere Pro with regard to stereo track alignment.

  • Proxy XML path is not working properly.

just:connect (tjc service)

  • Please do not restart the tjc service while a recording is running, as this will stop the ongoing recording.

just:in linux engine (tme service)

  • Signal losses can cause problems in Schedule Mode, when “Close container, write to new” is set as “Signal Loss” option within the Channel Settings.

  • Restarting the just:in linux appliance, while one or multiple Channels are running in Schedule Mode, can cause Channel connection problems after the restart.

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