[JIL] Preference Pane and Stay Alive v.6.0

Upon the first launch of Just Control a new preference pane called “Tools On Air” will be installed on the machine.

Stay Alive

The Stay Alive feature can be used to automatically start Just Control. Additionally it can keep Just Control running at all times.

  • Power Outage: once the power returns and the system restarts, the application automatically starts.

  • Unexpected Application Termination: should the application crash, it will automatically be restarted by the system.

Make sure that Just Control is quit before you activate it here.

Start an Application using Stay Alive

When enabled for Stay Alive, Just Control will always be started by the system (first after booting, then automatically whenever the application terminates for any reason).

Stop an Application using Stay Alive

Deactivate the checkbox in front of the application to stop it. Then a warning appears which informs you that turning off Stay Alive will quit the selected application immediately. Click “Yes” to quit the application.

Optional: Required Path

When a volume or folder is specified in the “Required Path” section, Just Control will only be started when the specified volume/folder is mounted/present. This may be useful if you have a NAS, SAN or other types of file systems that must be mounted during system startup that may take some additional time before they are available.

In this case it is important not to start Just Control, as it may rely on data from these file systems. By specifying such volumes in Stay Alive you can make sure that any ToolsOnAir application gets not started, until the relevant volume/file system is available.

Optional: Scheduled Restart

It is possible to schedule an automated restart for all applications which are controlled by Stay Alive at a predefined time. Activate the “No restart” checkbox and define the time and day the selected element should be restarted.


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