[JIL] Supported Storage Systems v.6.0

just:in linux supports all kinds of different storage systems, no matter if it is connected via Ethernet (RJ-45 or SFP+) or fibre channel or if the storage system is connected via the onboard Ethernet interfaces or via an additional PCIe card. Below you can find some storage systems, which have been tested to fully work with just:in linux:

  • Quantum StorNext

  • Avid Nexis

  • GB Labs SPACE

  • EMC Isilon

  • NetApp


  • QNAP

  • Synology

  • Tiger Technology

Each storage vendor provides different ways of mounting the storage on a Linux system. Generally the “fstab” file will be used to automatically mount the share points at every startup. Dedicated drivers or services might need to be installed before the external storage can be connected. This is handled differently by every storage vendor, but the ToolsOnAir support team can assist and help in such cases.

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