[JIL] Hardware v.6.0

Configure the Linux Hardware

All Linux-related settings such as network configuration and storage settings should be handled by a certified ToolsOnAir partner or ToolsOnAir support engineer. Subsequently, it is rarely required to change any just:in linux related settings on the appliance, as every setting can be performed via the macOS based Just Control client.

Number of available SDI channels

The number of available SDI Channels depends on the specific just:in linux appliance. These are the appliances currently available:

  • JIL4-HDD: 4xHD or 1xUHD (up to p60)

    • Available with 4xHDDs or 10xHDDs

  • JIL8-HDD or JIL8-SSD: 8xHD or 2xUHD (up to p60)

    • Available with 10xHDDs or 10xSSDs

Please note, that it is possible to handle specific channel/project requirements as well. Please contact us directly for more information.

NDI®5 and SRT Inputs

In addition to the available SDI (or HDMI) inputs, it is possible to add NDI®5 or SRT input channels at any time. This can be done within the macOS-based Just Control Configuration panel. Depending on the acquired licence key, additional NDI®5 and/or SRT channels can be used alongside physical inputs such as SDI or HDMI.

Additional PCIe Cards

Depending on the just:in linux appliance, there are one or multiple PCIe slots available to add fibre channel or additional ethernet cards to connect specific storage systems to the just:in linux appliance.

Please note that the just:in linux appliances are shipped with two onboard 10Gbit RJ45 ports (JIL4 and JIL8).

Internal RAID

Every just:in linux appliance includes an internal RAID. The RAID level and the size of the internal RAID depend on the appliance itself and the given settings. The internal RAID can be used as the main recording location or as a fallback path.

The just:in linux server has an internal RAID configured, which is handled by a dedicated RAID controller. The internal RAID is mounted at:


and shared via SMB at startup by default. The default user is "justin" and the default password is "justin" as well.

The internal RAID of every just:in linux server can be mounted on any SMB client within the same network. On macOS clients, it can be mounted as:

Just Control installation (separate Apple hardware required)

  • Just Control can be downloaded separately. Please consult the regular installation procedure described in the appropriate User Manuals.

  • Alternatively, you can mount /media/internal_raid/tools on your macOS client Finder and copy the Just Control application from there.

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