[JIM] Supported Container & Codec Options v.6.0

Support Video Inputs

  • SDI

  • HDMI

  • NDI®5

Support Audio Inputs

  • SDI

  • HDMI

  • NDI®5

  • Analog

  • AES

Supported Formats

  • SD PAL


  • HD (720 and 1080 up to p60)

  • UHD (up to p60)

Supported Frame rates

  • 23.976

  • 24

  • 25

  • 29.97

  • 30

  • 50

  • 59.94

  • 60

Please note that the supported Frame rates are Container & Codec specific.

Supported Container & Codecs

The following Video Containers and Codecs are supported by just:in mac.

If you are relying on a codec/container option, which is currently not supported by just:in mac, please contact us directly.


  • Apple ProRes (HDR support for ProRes422 HQ)

  • H.264

  • AVC-Intra 50M/100M

  • XDCAM EX, HD, HD422

  • Uncompressed (8/10-bit)


  • IMX 30/40/50

  • DVCProHD

  • Uncompressed SD/HD in 8-bit


  • XDCAM EX, HD, HD422

  • AVC-Intra 50M/100M

  • Apple ProRes

  • Avid DNxHD/HR


  • H.264

macOS - Codecs Location

The Apple Pro Video Formats codecs, required for proper broadcast recording, are located in the directory shown below. If you do not see any codecs listed on the Apple machine running the Just In Engine (Mac) application, then this macOS machine has no Apple Pro Video Formats codecs installed:

/Library/Video/Professional\ Video\ Workflow\ Plug-Ins/

Video Codec Acquisition

Due to licensing restrictions, we are not allowed to ship any Apple Pro Video codecs along with our products. But you can download and install the required codecs here: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL2100?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_GB

Hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, ProRes recording

Please be aware that the macOS Media Engine/hardware acceleration works only when working with progressive (pXX) video modes. When recording in interlaced mode (iXX), just:in mac fallbacks to the available CPU cores for the encoding process.

The macOS Media Engine works best for ProRes (Proxy, LT, SQ and HQ) encoding (progressive video modes).

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