[JIM] Features & Overview v.6.0

just:in mac is a macOS-based client-server multichannel ingest solution for all broadcast needs. Capture SDI, HDMI, NDI®5, VTR and multicamera sources using either Crash, Batch, or Schedule recording modes.


  • Apple QuickTime MOV, MXF OP1a and MP4 container capture.

  • SDI, HDMI and NDI®5 Input Support.

  • Available as single or multi-channel setup.

  • Multi-channel preview and ingest control for client-server operations.

  • Gang recording support for multi-cam setups.

  • Frame accurate Crash and Schedule recording.

  • Growing file support for Adobe® Premiere® Pro.

  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro Marker Support.

  • Infinite Chunk recording.

  • Support for customisable XML-Metadata.

  • Post-production naming procedure.

  • Support for pre- and post-record commands using customisable tasks/scripts (e.g. FTP upload, file movements, or MAM/PAM commands).

  • Multiple Capture IDs per Channel (Highres & Lowres Recording)

  • Multiple Recording Destinations Support (fallback scenarios).

  • Closed Captions support.

  • UHD support.

  • HDR Support.

  • Capture Preset Overlays.

  • Iconik Integration.

  • API for remote control.

  • live:cut licence integrated from version 5.5 onwards.


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