[JIM] What's New v.6.0

Introducing the Latest Release of just:in mac - Packed with New Features and Enhancements!

We're thrilled to unveil the newest version of just:in mac, designed to simplify and empower your workflow. Our team has been hard at work to ensure that this update brings unparalleled efficiency and functionality to your broadcasting endeavours.

Here's a glimpse of what's waiting for you in the latest just:in mac version:

Capture Preset Overlays

We're excited to introduce a brand-new feature that addresses a long-standing request from our users in the just:in mac community. With this latest release, we're unveiling expanded capabilities for “Capture Presets”, offering you more control over your recording setups.

In this release, “Capture Presets” are receiving a boost with a range of fresh options. Firstly, we're introducing the “Burnt-in Timecode” option. This innovative addition enables you to overlay your recordings with a designated timecode source, providing precise timing information directly on your content.

Furthermore, our valued customers now can overlay their recordings with a logo—an enhancement that's been frequently requested. Of course, the flexibility to combine both these new options into a single “Capture Preset” is at your fingertips, ensuring a tailored and dynamic overlay setup.

But that's not where the innovation ends. The highlight of just:in mac v.6.0 is the introduction of the “Custom Overlays” feature. Representing a significant advancement, this feature essentially functions as a graphics engine embedded within a “Capture Preset”. This breakthrough capability empowers users to overlay their recordings with diverse forms of static and/or dynamic data.

Capture Preset Encoder Option

In the latest iteration of just:in mac, version 6.0, we're pleased to unveil yet another enhancement to the “Capture Preset” functionality. This new option offers users the ability to configure a “Capture Preset” specifically designed to circumvent hardware encoding.

Initially, this might seem like an unconventional approach, but our rigorous testing has revealed an interesting insight. The internal hardware encoder, while robust, does encounter limitations under certain circumstances—particularly evident when dealing with formats like H.264 and H.265 (HEVC). When these formats push the built-in hardware encoder to its capacity, performance can become compromised.

With this innovative addition, users now have the opportunity to set up a dedicated “Capture Preset” that leverages CPU encoding instead. This strategic shift empowers your system to efficiently manage more channels or additional “Capture IDs”. By tapping into the processing power of your CPU, you'll find that a single machine can gracefully handle the demands of higher channel counts, ensuring smooth performance even when dealing with resource-intensive formats.

At first glance, this option might challenge traditional assumptions, but as you delve deeper into its potential, you'll discover a newfound level of flexibility and optimization. Embrace the possibilities that just:in mac v.6.0 brings with this remarkable “Capture Preset” option, and unlock a new realm of performance and efficiency.

iconik Integration

We're thrilled to introduce an innovative feature that streamlines your integration with the iconik ecosystem. Driven by the desire for efficient automation, just:in mac effortlessly manages asset uploads and Proxy generation, highly reducing the solution's complexity, while increasing its overall efficiency.

Imagine a post-recording scenario where just:in mac swings into action, seamlessly uploading the asset and generating a Proxy version. In a matter of moments, your recorded content, complete with its corresponding proxy, becomes readily accessible within the iconik platform. This automation eliminates manual intervention and accelerates your content's availability for seamless post-production workflows.

Depending on your ISG (Iconik Storage Gateway) upload setting, the magic doesn't stop there. If configured, the high-resolution file can automatically make its way to iconik, or alternatively, it remains securely in its on-premise location. This flexibility ensures that you're always in control, tailoring the workflow to your specific needs.

Embrace the future of effortless integration with just:in mac's latest feature. Elevate your content management and unleash the true potential of your broadcasting endeavors within the iconik ecosystem.


We're excited to announce that the latest version brings a highly anticipated capability to the table: the ability to trigger recordings externally from a third-party system. With the introduction of REST API calls, a new avenue of integration has opened up, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate just:in mac into your tailored workflows.

No more limitations—this new advancement empowers you to initiate recordings remotely, directly from external systems. By utilizing REST API calls, you gain the flexibility to integrate just:in mac into your existing infrastructure with ease. This integration isn't just efficient as it allows for a harmonious collaboration between just:in mac and your specific workflow requirements.

Metadata Improvements - Required Fields

For quite some time, Metadata Sets have been an integral feature of just:in Mac. However, with this latest version, we're proud to unveil a substantial enhancement that significantly enhances your Metadata workflows. Brace yourself for the efficient capability to designate specific fields as mandatory.

In essence, this means that you can now configure certain fields within your Metadata Sets to be required. This remarkable enhancement ensures that operators are prompted to input essential data before the recording process. The result: streamlined, accurate, and complete metadata that accompanies your content right from the moment of creation.

This advancement isn't just about compliance—it's about enabling precision and consistency in your metadata management. By mandating critical data fields, you're assured that no piece of vital information goes missing, enhancing the value and utility of your recorded assets.

Embark on a new era of metadata excellence with just:in mac's latest version. Elevate your recording process by enforcing crucial data input and unlocking the true potential of your metadata-driven workflows.

AJA Io4K Plus Full 12G Input Support

Exciting news awaits in the realm of video hardware integration! With the release of just:in mac v.6.0, we've unlocked comprehensive support for the AJA Io4K Plus video hardware. This dynamic software update harnesses the capabilities of this exceptional hardware to the fullest, granting you a world of enhanced recording possibilities.

Get ready to tap into the power of AJA Io4K Plus with just:in mac v.6.0. This release takes full advantage of this remarkable hardware, enabling you to make the most of its features. Whether it's high-definition (HD) or ultra-high-definition (UHD) content, just:in mac seamlessly supports up to four channels of HD recording and a single channel of 12G UHD recording.

Moreover, the versatility of this integration shines through in the audio realm. With just:in mac v.6.0, various audio inputs are seamlessly supported, and the audio from one channel can be easily repurposed for other channels. This flexibility ensures that your audio recording experience is as dynamic as your content.

But that's not all—standard features that you rely on are also seamlessly integrated. From LTC to RS422 support, these essential components are woven into the fabric of just:in mac v.6.0, ensuring a holistic and cohesive video production environment.

File Overwrite Strategy

This innovative feature empowers you to dictate the fate of existing files in the just:in mac environment.

With this setting, you're given the power to make a crucial decision: should an already existing file be automatically replaced, or would you prefer just:in mac to preserve both files upon recording initiation? This strategic choice ensures that your workflow aligns precisely with your intentions.

This enhancement finds its true value within VDCP workflows, where meticulous file management is paramount. Seamlessly integrate just:in mac into your VDCP setup and experience the seamless control that the File Overwrite Strategy setting provides.

NDI VANC Data Support (Closed Captions, OP47, SCTE-104) - for just:out integration only

In our latest release, we're thrilled to bridge the compatibility gap between ToolsOnAir playout and ingest, specifically in the realm of VANC data transport via NDI®. Given the absence of a universally recognized standard for conveying VANC data over NDI®, we've taken a proactive approach to establishing a harmonious connection.

Our approach revolves around a comprehensive and versatile solution. This ensures that both ToolsOnAir applications synchronize seamlessly, enabling flawless interaction between VANC data and NDI®. Regardless of the specific requirements, our applications now operate in unison, ensuring that the intricacies of VANC data transport are handled cohesively.

Experience a new level of cohesion and collaboration with ToolsOnAir playout and ingest. Upgrade now to explore the enhanced compatibility that our latest release brings to the realm of VANC data transport over NDI®.

Ready for macOS Sonoma

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, adaptability is key. With just:in mac v.6.0, we're excited to announce our full readiness for macOS Sonoma. Our team has been diligently testing just:in mac since its earliest beta iterations, ensuring that our software seamlessly integrates with macOS Sonoma and beyond.

Optimised Performance

Enjoy a more efficient and responsive application that ensures your capturing process is as smooth as possible, even during demanding broadcasts.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

We've taken care of pesky bugs and enhanced the overall stability of the software, providing you with a reliable broadcasting solution.


Upgrade to the latest just:in mac version today to unlock enhanced capturing possibilities. Your feedback has played a crucial role in shaping this release, and we can't wait to hear your feedback as you explore the new features. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide you with the best capturing experience possible.


Happy recording with just:in mac!

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