3.1 just:live User Interface Overview


 Control Area: The "Preview" window is on the left and the "On Air" window on the right. Use the "Preview" window to preview a selected movie/graphics element or to define a new in/out-point for a selected movie (using the yellow trimmer). The "On Air" window shows the current "On Air" output depending on the selection which has been chosen in the just:live preferences.

 Timeline: Shows all movies, graphic elements and events loaded or already playing out (including the element names, the elapsed/remaining time info and the layers' "Play" buttons). The visibility of the final output is defined from top to down.

 Library: Divided in four tabs, the library shows movies, graphic elements, events and saved playlists. Related metadata will also be shown (if available). A search field and the possibility to show a preview window complement the library.

 Workbench: This is the place where movies, graphics, etc... are collected for the final playout. Folders can help you to organize and manage complex shows. You can choose between the list view and the poster frame view. Use the view which fits your needs best.

 Inspector: Here you can modify attributes of one or multiple selected elements. Multiselection of several items of the same kind is supported. 

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