2.10 SCTE-104 (v.4.x)

Please consider these points when configuring your playout system to use SCTE-104 triggers.

  • We support devices from AJA and Blackmagic Design for SCTE-104 insert into the VANC data area of the SDI signal.

  • AJA supports only a single output to carry VANC data. Which output this is depends on the video device and the switch to live method used for the channel.

  • The output of VANC data is currently not supported for channels set up to play out fill and key using a device from Blackmagic Design.

  • To be able to pass through VANC data embedded into the Live Signal, an AJA Io 4K Plus, Io X3, KONA 4 or KONA 5 is needed or a "4K" device from Blackmagic Design.

  • We support different SCTE-104 messages. Please contact the vendor of the splicer/inserter for more information about the method supported by their hardware.

  • Check the just:out logs to verify that the SCTE-104 trigger has been generated by just:out.

  • Using an AJA device, you can use the ntv2watcher app to verify, that the AJA device processed the SCTE-104 trigger coming from just:out.

  • just:in mac/linux v.5.5 and higher can be used to verify that the SDI signal includes the SCTE-104 trigger. Please check the just:in mac/linux manual for more information.

We have been testing SCTE-104 support ONLY using PAL 1920x1080 HD channels, but expect other formats to work as well.

Playout of SCTE-104 VANC data requires the optional Event Layer license.


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