5.4 Calendar View (v.4.x)

Here you see all Playlists which are already scheduled in a vertical timeline. This is also the place where new Playlists can be made.

  1. Day View: Displays the currently selected day.

  2. CTI(s): Same as in the timeline. Either you have one CTI (Primary Time Mode) or two CTIs (Edit Mode).

  3. Time Scale: Represents a vertical timeline scale. Hold shift while using the mouse scroll wheel to change the timescale. At midnight, the name of the new day is shown.

  4. (Selected) Playlist: Create a Playlist by click dragging or by double-clicking on an empty area in the calendar view. Move Playlists by dragging them, delete them with the backspace/delete key. Double-clicking a Playlist moves the CTI to the beginning of the Playlist. Doing so will immediately activate Edit Mode.

  5. Start Type: Defines how the Playlist will start:

    • Timed: Use the start time field of the Inspector to define when the Playlist will start.

    • Chained: The Playlist "chains" itself to the end of the previous Playlist and starts when the previous Playlist ends.

  6. Calendar: Allows you to select schedules for different days. Click on the left/right arrow to switch days. Doing so will immediately activate Edit Mode. The day you are currently working on is highlighted.

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.