Known Issues (v.4.x)


Customers using a video device from Blackmagic

just:play/live: Due to a driver issue it is currently not possible to use the “Buffered Input” setting with video devices from Blackmagic Design. We are working with Blackmagic Design to resolve the issue. Video devices from AJA (on INTEL or Apple silicon) are not affected.

Simple FX Fade In/Out changes are only taken over after a restart of Just Out

Even you can change the setting while the engine is running, changes are only taken over after a restart of Just Out.

Jump to next can lead to missing timed events (Rules)

Pressing jump to next right before a timed event (Rule) has to be executed, can cause the event to be skipped as well.

SMB issues using some versions of macOS

Some versions of macOS are behaving very slow while connected to a shared storage using SMB. Please execute the following Terminal commands on all Macs running TOA software to disable SMB 1, which can improve the behavior:

echo "[default]" | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf

echo "protocol_vers_map=6" | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf

Audio Issues when using a Video Device from Black Magic

Using version 4 of just:live and just:play with a video device from Black Magic will cause audio issues in case the user interface and the engine are running on the same Mac under macOS Catalina (10.15.x), especially while executing CPU intensive tasks like generating Poster frames. We highly recommend to setup the system using the client server architecture and to operate the user interface on a network connected Mac.

AJA HDMI output is sometimes broken after a restart

After a restart, the HDMI output of the AJA device connected to the same Mac is sometimes black or broken in case the DSK is activated (DSK IN). This happens independently of our software and there is no way we can control this. The same time, the SDI outputs are OK, and therefore we recommend to use only the SDI outputs for broadcasting in case the channel is configured using DSK In to switch to live.

Audio issues related to the On Air audio preview

In case that Just Out and Just Control are running on the same Mac and the channel is configured to use the virtual device engine, turning on the On Air audio preview generates a second audio output which is slightly delayed and there are some issues after pressing jump to next in such a situation. We recommend turning the On Air audio preview off while using an engine with a virtual device engine assigned to it running on the same machine.

Duplicate Names in Repository Folders

Defining two repository folders which contain a file with the same name creates a problem. Just Out will find the file in the repository folder that is defined first, even if you dragged the file from the repository folder defined second in Just Control. Example: in Just Control Configuration-> Repositories you define two folders, one called “SD” and the other “HD” (in that order). In Just Control you drag a video clip called "" from the “HD” folder into the timeline. If there is also a video clip called "" in the “SD” folder Just Out will play the file from the “SD” folder because it is defined before the “HD” folder.

Communication Issues resulting from an improper Network Configuration

Make sure that the IP configuration of all machines is set up correctly. A non-reachable DNS server (or Google DNS server) for example may prevent the proper execution of Just Out. In case you experience network problems very often, usage of the network-based work flow where the engine and the UI is used on different machines is impossible. In such case we recommend to use Just Out, Just Connect and Just Control on the same machine and to configure the network to use the local mode by defining as the default IP address. In addition, we strongly recommend avoiding network architectures based on wireless technology.

Using different TOA software versions

Do not mix different Tools On Air Playout software versions as long as you are not told to do so by a TOA engineer. This means that every Just Out, Just Connect and Just Control should be the same version. For example, you should never use a newer Just Out/Connect with an older version of the user interface and vice versa.

Broken Video Files

It is important to make sure that all files which should be played out are supported and can be played out. An unlicensed version of the play out engine running on another Mac can be used to test new files. Make sure that the machines are absolutely the same, hardware and software wise. Make sure all movies are available, in case reference movies should be used. Trying to play out broken or unsupported movies can harm the final output and even crash the engine.

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