2.9 OP-47 (v.4.0)

Please consider these points while configuring a Playout of OP-47 subtitles.

  • We support devices from AJA (except Kona LHi and Kona LHe+ when using DSK based switch to live mode) and BMD for OP-47 playout.

  • AJA supports only a single output to carry OP-47 data. Which output this is depends on the video device and the switch to live method used for the channel.

  • The output of OP-47 data is currently not supported for channels set up to play out fill and key using a device from BMD.

  • To be able to pass through OP-47 data embedded into the Live Signal, an AJA Io 4K Plus, Io X3, KONA 4 or KONA 5 is needed or a "4K" device from BMD.

  • We support OP-47 teletext subtitles embedded in a MXF data track.

  • We support OP-47 teletext subtitles in an EBU-STL or SRT sidecar file (BMD devices ONLY)

  • We have been testing OP-47 support ONLY using PAL 1920x1080 HD channels.

  • AJA currently does not support OP-47 sidecar files. Please use a device from BMD for now.

Configuration of playout of EBU-STL and SRT sidecars can be found in the “Advanced” tab of a channel’s settings within Just Control.

In case VANC data has to be passed through, an AJA FSx device (except the mini), or any other frame store which allows to pass through VANC data, has to be used. Please contact the manufacturer of all 3rd party video devices which are used with your setup to make sure, that they can handle the VANC data as needed.


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