2.9 OP-47 (v.4.x)

Please consider these points while configuring a Playout of OP-47 subtitles.

  • We support devices from AJA and BMD for OP-47 playout.

  • AJA supports only a single output to carry OP-47 data. Which output this is depends on the video device and the switch to live method used for the channel.

  • The output of OP-47 data is currently not supported for channels set up to play out fill and key using a device from BMD.

  • To be able to pass through OP-47 data embedded into the Live Signal, an AJA Io 4K Plus, Io X3, KONA 4 or KONA 5 is needed or a "4K" device from BMD.

  • We support OP-47 teletext subtitles embedded in a MXF data track.

  • We support OP-47 teletext subtitles in an EBU-STL or SRT sidecar file (BMD devices ONLY)

  • We have been testing OP-47 support ONLY using PAL 1920x1080 HD channels.

  • AJA currently does not support OP-47 sidecar files. Please use a device from BMD for now.

Configuration of playout of EBU-STL and SRT sidecars can be found in the “Advanced” tab of a channel’s settings.

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