2.7 UHD Playout (v.4.0)

With version 4.x, UHD Playout up to and including 60fps is possible, using qualified Apple hardware. Please consider the following points when configuring a machine for UHD Playout:

  • UHD playout is supported using a MacPro6,1 (30fps max) or 7,1 (60fps max), or an Apple silicon-based Mac mini (M1/M2) or Mac Studio (Max or Ultra) up to 60fps.

  • Only the video devices that have been qualified by ToolsOnAir should be used (see chapter Supported Video Devices).

  • Make sure all cables, boxes, and devices are connected using Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 3 (recommended).

  • The faster the Mac, the more functions and a higher video codec quality can be used at the same time.

  • We recommend using Apple ProRes (up to and including 422 HQ) and qualified H.264 compressed movies.

  • Although it is possible to run Just Out and Just Control on the same machine, we strongly recommend running Just Control on a separate machine.

  • Realtime graphics are supported, but especially complex templates must be tested thoroughly before using them on air.

  • We recommend disabling the Low latency playout in the Advanced Channel Settings of Just Connect.


  • The output of Closed Captions/OP-47 is not supported currently, as we’re clarifying some issues with the related video card vendor.

  • It is currently not possible to use an internal method (DSK or Buffered input) to switch to live in UHD.


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