2.6 ToolsOnAir Network Communication (v.4.0)

All ToolsOnAir software applications are highly dependent on a properly configured and stable network connection. Please contact your network administrator or local dealer if you need help.

Just Out, Just Connect and Just Control can be installed on one or multiple machines. In both scenarios, they communicate with each other via network communication protocols. When the user interacts with the Just Control user interface, this information is sent to Just Connect – stored there – and then sent to Just Out, so it can be executed and rendered by the engine.

The following picture applies to both just:live and just:play.

Network Latency & Performance

The latency of the user interface highly depends on the speed and load of the network. For example, clicking the “Jump to Next” button can be executed in less than a second – but it can also take a few seconds if the network is under heavy load or improperly configured. Because of this, we strongly recommend using a dedicated network interface for communication and a second network interface for the data transfer (e.g. communication to the network storage device).

If the communication between a user interface and Just Connect is interrupted for more than one seconds, the interface will close and automatically fall back to the multi viewer interface, showing "NO CONNECTION". This mechanism avoids that the user makes any changes which would never be executed by the Just Out engine.

IPs and Ports

Under the same IP address a certain Port can be used only once. The default Port used by Just Out is 5509 and the default port of the first CHANNEL is 5519. The first DEVICE uses port 5000 and we recommend using the default ports during setup using the installation Wizard. Please ensure that the Ports mentioned above are not used by another application. In case that the Port is already used, the following warning will be shown:

Please contact your local network administrator to solve the underlying network related issue. The ToolsOnAir support team will not be able to help in this case.


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