About the Playout Admin User Manual (v.4.x)

This User Manual describes how to install and configure ToolsOnAir's playout applications version 4.x on macOS based systems running macOS Catalina (10.15.7), macOS Big Sur (11.6.x) or macOS Monterey (12.x).

You will learn how to…

  • Install and set up the required hard- and software infrastructure.

  • Monitor the system to ensure that the playout applications Just Out, Just Connect, Just Control operate effectively.

  • Perform software installations and maintenance on your own.

When reading this user manual, a basic technical IT and network technology knowledge is recommended.


  • You are familiar with a macOS based environment.

  • You have system administrator privileges for the network and the operating systems of the machines you are working on.

  • You are experienced in installing and configuring client-server software in a TCP/IP network.

  • You will install the software on machines that have been connected to a LAN or WAN by a network engineer.

  • You will install the software on a machine which has no other software installed – except the operating system and the drivers needed to operate the channel/hardware.

  • You understand the basic broadcasting concepts of the just:live/just:play user interface, e.g. the method which is used for broadcasting the output of the just:live/just:play solutions.

  • You understand general video technologies terminology such as codecs, containers, frame rates, transmission methods and timecode.

Customers using TeamViewer to access the Mac running Just Out

Using TeamViewer to access a machine running Just Out, make sure you have the following settings deactivated in the Preferences pane of the TeamViewer client (the machine you use to connect to the machine running Just Out).

Failing to do so will switch the audio output away from the video device the same time you connect to the machine running Just Out using TeamViewer.

Contents of this User Manual

  • Installation of the playout software and the configuration of the just:live/just:play solutions.

  • Listing of possible hardware configurations.

  • Configuration and administration.

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