11. just:play Known Issues

(1) Using a "Contour ShuttlePRO" changes the UI

When using the shuttle wheel of a "Contour ShuttlePRO" device for previewing a file in just:play's UI and the mouse cursor is above the workbench or above a timeline, the OS interprets the shuttle movement as a scrolling wheel and therefore moves the scrollbar and/or changes the scaling of the timeline.


(2) Using a channel with more than one video layer

When using a channel with more than one video layer make sure that any live event is only scheduled in the first (lowest) video layer. Scheduling live events in another video layer can result in unexpected behavior.


(3) Checking the validity of items does not work when loading playlists

When a playlist is loaded via just:connect, files included in the playlist will not be checked for frame rate compatibility or unsupported Quartz Composer patches. This could result in interrupted playout and therefore extra care has to be taken when scheduling playlists in 3rd party systems.


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