8.6 Offline Playlist Building

As well as the possibility to create and edit a playlist directly connected to an online channel it is also possible to create playlists on any other machine. 

  • Your system administrator may have configured an offline channel which can be used to build playlists without affecting a channel which is on air. Start just:play and connect to this offline channel. just:play is now in a state in which you can create and edit playlists without working on an active (online) channel. In addition you always work in "Edit Mode". 
  • After finalizing a playlist you can either save it directly into a watch folder of an active channel (which means the playlist is loaded immediately on that channel) or you can save it in a playlist repository folder of a channel – in this case the operator has to load the playlist on the desired position in playout.
  • Make sure that the time where the new playlist is scheduled is unused on your master playout when using the watch folder function. If a single frame is already scheduled, the whole playlist will be rejected and therefore not be played out. Keep in mind that only TOA XML compliant playlists can be dropped into a watch folder, other formats will be ignored.

Read the chapter "Saving and Reusing a Playlist" for more information about saving a playlist and ask your system administrator if such watch folders do exist for the particular channel(s).

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