7.4 The Calendar View: Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop single elements but also entire folders and even pre saved playlists from the library into the calendar view. If you drop a folder into an existing playlist in the calendar view, all movies within the folder will be inserted at the end of the playlist. Note that all sub folders will be traversed for movies (the folder structure itself will not be preserved). Instead, a single list will be generated consisting of all of the movies in the dragged folder and all of its descendent folders. Loops and infinite live events within the dropped playlist will be ignored.

Drag and drop any combination of files and folders from the library into an empty section of the calendar view and a new playlist will be automatically generated with the dragged movie clips as its contents. This new playlist will have the "Auto Duration" feature enabled and therefore will have a length to fit all clips within the playlist. 


  • We recommend to have at least one playlist (which has its start point at the current day) scheduled in the rundown per day. Also try to avoid gaps which are longer than 24 hours.
  • It is not possible to add items to the rundown whose drop point is in the past. This would change the current playout and will therefore be rejected. A warning will be shown instead.

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