7.3 The Calendar View: Adding And Removing Playlists

Because the calendar view is the part of the interface which gives you a proportional overview of your rundown, it is the place to add new playlists or delete already scheduled playlists from the channel you are connected to.


 1-Hour Playlist: Double click an empty area inside the calendar view to create a new, empty playlist with a duration of 1 hour, where the start time is defined by the time the double click has been made. Use "cmd + shift + double click" between two playlists to fill the whole gap automatically.

 Gap: "cmd + shift + double click" fills the whole gap between two playlists with an emtpy playlist.

 n-Hour Playlist: Click and drag the mouse inside the calendar view to create a playlist which increases its length in 15 minute steps. The click time defines the start time of the playlist. 


  • After creating a playlist it will not contain any elements. When switching the user interface into "Edit Mode" by double clicking on a playlist, there will be a large red gap in the timeline indicating the remaining time of elements needed to fill the playlist completely. 
  • It is not possible to add playlists to the rundown whose start time is in the past. This would change the current playout and will therefore be rejected. A warning will be shown instead.

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