5.11 Inspector: Standard Attributes, Video & Audio

 Standard Attributes

  • Name: Name of the selected element.
  • Start: Start time of the selected element.
  • In/Out Point: Sets the in/out-point of a movie.
  • Duration: Shows the duration of the selected item depending on the defined in/out-point.
  • Over/Under: If the length of a clip has been changed by clicking on the "Jump to Next Clip" button the real length and the planned length is shown in this field.
  • Color: Sets the color of the selected element.


  • Fade In/Out: Movies can fade-in/out up to 10 seconds from and to black.
  • Invert Fields: Inverts fields. This can also be changed during playout of the selected clip and will be executed immediately (depending on the video buffer your system administrator set in the just:out preferences).
  • Aspect Conversion: Defines how to handle the aspect ratio of the selected movie. Your system administrator should already have a setting pre-defined in the just:out preferences. Several options are available depending on the direction of the conversion. For a visual description please refer to the chapter "Aspect Ratio Control" in the appendix at the end of this document. It is possible to change the aspect ratio while a movie is on air. The change will be visible after six frames or up to 3 seconds later, depending on the buffer defined in just:out. Ask your system administrator for more information regarding the buffer.


  • Fade With Video: When enabled, the audio will automatically fade with the video's fade-in- and out settings. 
  • Volume: Allows you to adjust the volume of the video clip with a value between 0 (muted) and 1 (full volume). The volume can be changed while a movie is on air and the change will be taken over immediately once the mouse button has been released.

 Infinite Track Control

Allows you to enable or disable an infinite track for this element. The name of the layer has been defined by the system administrator in just:connect. This is only visible when an infinite track has been enabled by your system administrator in just:connect.

 Sync Point

Allows you to set a "wish start time" where the difference to the real start time is then displayed in the control area. This is very useful in case you have a "prime time clip" which should start as accurate as possible, but you have one or several events during the day where you need the "Jump to Next Clip" function. Define the sync point here and every time you change something in the rundown, the offset of the wish start time and the real start time will be updated and shown right above the timecode.

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