[JIM] Device v.5.5


Available I/O Devices are:

  • User Interface

  • Service USB

  • Blackmagic ATEM


ToolsOnAir GPI Box

When using the ToolsOnAir GPI Box you need to select Service USB as the I/O Device. 

Make sure that the Service USB Box is connected via USB to the live:cut machine and that the driver is installed.

Blackmagic ATEM

Before selecting this I/O device make sure the Blackmagic Design ATEM software is installed on the machine running live:cut.

Enter the Host IP address of the ATEM and press the Apply button. If you're being asked to update the Project Template accept it.

User Interface

Use this option to use the live:cut User Interface as a "Vision Mixer". In this mode the active camera can be changed by following means:

  • Clicking on the desired Channel.

  • Using the buttons at the very bottom of the live:cut User Interface.

  • Using keyboard shortcuts (as described in the corresponding chapter).


The TSL UMD options enables the possibility to establish the connection to a vision mixer that supports the TSL UMD protocol, such as the Ross Production Switchers. Select the new option within the Device Tab and enter the port number, which was configured on the Production Switcher before.

Then press on the Defaults-Button to gather the defaults configuration options. If needed, change these options accordingly.


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