ToolsOnAir User Guide Central[JIM] ToolsOnAir GPI Box Interface v.5.5

[JIM] ToolsOnAir GPI Box Interface v.5.5

The ToolsOnAir GPI Box is a serial USB interface that connects live:cut to your switcher (the term “switcher” is used for whatever switching- or routing device you use) or vision mixer. If you're planning to use a traditional vision mixer or switcher, connect the ToolsOnAir GPI Box (available separately) to a free USB port of your Mac after the installation of live:cut. For setups using a Blackmagic Design ATEM or a vision mixer that supports the TSL UMD protocol, such as the Ross Carbonite production switcher, a ToolsOnAir GPI Box is not required.

Driver Installation

Please contact us for driver installation and download instructions.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 

17.5 x 10.5 x 5 cm / 6.89 x 4.13 x 1.97 inch 


530 gram (18.7 oz.) 


Aluminum, Acryl, IP30 

External Power Supply 

  • Input voltage: 100–240 volt AC, Input frequency: 50–60 Hz

  • Output voltage: 12 volt DC, 20 watts 


  • 1x USB-B (cable included)

  • 1x Power (cable included)

  • 21 Cage clamps (from 0.08 to 2.5 mm2, all I/Os), 1x D-Sub 25 (all I/Os)

  • 1x D-Sub 9/RS-232 (for future use) 

For further technical information → contact us.

How to mount the ToolsOnAir GPI Box

Generally, the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface is meant to be fixed by a metal angle (not supplied) in the back of a 19" rack. The ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface can be disassembled for hole drilling. These holes can then be used for fixing.


Do not drill holes into the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface housing without disassembling it; otherwise, you could harm the electronics inside the housing. 

Indicators / Leds

The ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface has different lamps and LEDs.

  • LEDs indicate whether the connections are working or not. LED #0 refers to source 1, LED #1 refers to source 2 ... LED #n refers to source n+1.

  • USB lamps indicate the USB connection to the controller.

  • The 12V lamp is only active when connected to an external power source.

If negative input logic is used, the currently active input is off instead of on. If no input is used when the interface is connected to the Mac, input 7 will be active. 

Connecting To The Switcher

  • GPO/Tally: live:cut needs a custom-built switcher cable that connects your GPI-capable switcher to the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface.

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM: to use live:cut with a Blackmagic Design ATEM production switcher, no separate ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface or custom-built switcher cable are required.

Sub-D 25 PinOut:

Cage Clamps

The cage clamps should not be used in a production environment, but they are a good way to test the functionality of the ToolsOnAir GPI Box in case of a support case. To insert a litz wire, firmly press the lever down and insert the litz wire, then release the lever to fix it. Make sure the cables are firmly secured, so they cannot be pulled out. 

Tally Out Cabling

The output of the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface can be used for tally light operations as well. In that case, the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface needs to be supplied with external power. The tally lights should not exceed more than 10 watts each.

If needed, ToolsOnAir can customise the main GPI switcher cable upon request, as it's all connected through the DB-25 connector on the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB interface.

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