[JIM] Storage Systems v.5.5

We have tested different configurations with standard internal disks or various systems from different vendors, directly attached Thunderbolt, NAS and SAN systems. Usually, these storage systems work fine with just:in mac, as soon as they have been recognised by the operating system. just:in mac has an internal buffer to reflect issues in data throughput of the connected storage for a short period of time.

Minimum Data Throughput

We recommend that the minimum data throughput the storage can provide is at least twice as high as the data rate of the recorded movie + the maximum data rate new files can be copied to the storage.

Here is some advice on how to avoid data throughput problems while recording:

  • Avoid any unnecessary load on the storage system.

  • The storage system used for recording has to be able to deliver the data throughput needed for continuous recording under all circumstances.

Please contact your local ToolsOnAir partner or contact us directly in case you require any guidance or assistance regarding your storage system.

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