[JIM] System Requirements v.5.5

Compatibility Matrix


The specific hardware setup, third-party drivers, software and operating systems should always be tested thoroughly with the free of charge demo software provided by ToolsOnAir prior to the final installation.


The following Mac Models are officially supported by just:in mac v.5.5.

Mac Models

Mac Mini

Mac Studio

Mac Pro

Mac Mini

Mac Studio

Mac Pro


Mac13,1 (M1 Max)

MacPro6,1 (Intel)


Mac13,2 (M1 Ultra)

MacPro7,1 (Intel)


Mac14,13 (M2 Pro)

Mac14,8 (Apple silicon M2)

Macmini9,1 (Apple M1)

Mac14,14 (M2 Ultra)


Mac14,3 (M2)



Mac14,2 (M2 Pro)



Please contact us, if you are planning to use any other Mac model with just:in mac v.5.5.

Operating System

The supported macOS versions are. Recommended macOS versions are displayed in Bold:

  • macOS 10.15.7 (“Catalina”)

  • macOS 11.7.x (“Big Sur”)

  • macOS 12.4 or higher (12.6.x) (“Monterey”)

  • macOS 13.4.x (“Ventura”) or higher

Administrator account required for installation and configuration.


We recommend installing 4 GB RAM/Memory per channel and at least 8 GB on the machine running the Just In Engine application (Intel). For Apple silicon-based Macs, please choose the 16 GB or higher (where applicable) memory option when purchasing your Mac.

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