5. Initial just:in Setup (just:in Engine Mac v3.0)

This chapter describes the initial and basic setup of just:in Engine and the just:in User Interface.

Table of Contents

Start just:in Engine

  1. Got to the Applications folder.
  2. Start Just In Engine
  3. Accept the System Update dialog to continue.

  4. Allow just:in Engine to access the Calendar (this is required for Scheduled Recording).

  5. just:in Engine displays the Preferences window automatically.

    If just:in Engine has been launched and/or configured previously on this system, the preferences window needs to be opened manually. Go to the menu Just In Engine → Preferences (shortcut: command + comma).

  6. Unlock the Preferences in the lower left corner by pressing the Make Changes button.
  7. Select the desired Framerate in the Engine tab.

  8. Go to the Channels tab and configure the desired Channels. Depending on the Video device(s) the Channels tab may look different.

  9. Enable the Channel(s) in the Channels tab by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the Channels list.

  10. The Diagnostics window should appear. You can always show it by using the menu Window → Diagnostics.

Start the just:in User Interface

  1. Go to the Applications folder and open the just:in Application.
  2. Make sure just:in Engine is running.
  3. The just:in main window appears.

Connecting to a Channel

  1. Click the icon in the center of the main window to show the Connections Window which allows you to connect to a Channel

    A Channel is hosted by a just:in Engine, so – at this point – it is mandatory that one or multiple Channels are configured and running, otherwise you cannot connect to a Channel. 

  2. Enter the IP-Address and the Port of a Mac Channel and press the Add button. Repeat this for every Channel you would like to connect to from this user interface.

    In a default test setup (i.e. Engine and User Interface are running on the same machine) you may use the following data:
    Port: 50000.

  3. Press the Connect button to connect to a Channel.

  4. Upon successful connection just:in displays the Channel Preview.

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.