just:in User Interface (just:in v3.0)

These chapters explain the just:in User Interface application for Mac. You will learn how to connect to Channels (provided by a properly configured just:in Engine), customize the User Interface, using the Inspector to select Capture Settings and how to do your Recordings.

It is mandatory to configure just:in Engine properly before the just:in User Interface can be used. This can either be just:in Engine Mac or just:in Engine Linux.

What is the just:in User Inteface and what does it do?

  • just:in is the User Interface to control multiple Channels available from one or multiple instances of just:in Engine on the network.
  • just:in provides Realtime Video and Audio Previews from the Channels and let's you select your Capture and Destination Presets.
  • The just:in User Interface is used to execute your Recordings using one of the available Capture Modes.

First Launch

Upon the first launch of the just:in User Interface, a blank window will be displayed because no connection to a Channel has yet been established. The following chapters explain how to connect to Channels.

Table of Contents

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