7. Component Reference (composition:builder v5.0)

The toolbar of composition:builder provides so called components you need in your daily workflow: Simple text elements, several shapes, images, movies and XML components. This document is a reference where each component is explained in detail. 

  • Text: Different text components, static or dynamic.

  • Shapes: Basic shapes.

  • Image: Select from different types of image components.

  • Date/Time: Used to place clock or date components into the workbench. 

  • Extras: Contains uncategorized components.

Fonts & Colors: Components have several general attributes: position, size and opacity. Text components usually also have different font attributes which are mostly derived from the RTF standard. They are formatted with the standard macOS font- and color panels which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate attribute in the Inspector – or by using the shortcut command + T.


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