just:in Mac Getting Started (5.1)


Download just:in mac v5.1 from our Support Helpdesk (registration required) or use the download link you got from an ToolsOnAir employee to download the just:in mac v5.1 disk image.


Extract the downloaded ZIP archive and open the disk image. The just:in mac v5.0 installation disk image will appear on your screen as shown below:

Drag & Drop Just Control.app and Just In Engine.app to the Applications folder and if desired, add both applications to the Dock.


Go to the Applications folder and open the Just In Engine Application. Press Ok and enter the Administrator Password.

The diagnostic window of Just In Engine will open showing the message "No active channels, please start Just Control to configure channels".

Now go back to the Applications folder and open the Just Control Application. You may want to allow the application access to the macOS Calendar application (Schedule Mode). This can also be done/changed later. The Just Control login window appears.

You can continue here by simply pressing the Login button without entering any password (can be changed later). Next you will be asked for the IP-Address of the machine. If the given IP-Address is correct, move on by pressing the Connect-Button.

Then the Configuration Wizard appears, which helps you to finalise the setup.

The Configuration Wizard automatically detects your installed video devices (AJA, BMD - driver installation required). Then you can choose the video mode (1080i25), the Device and Channel Name, the Default Storage Path and you can preselect Capture Presets. Complete the configuration by pressing the Configure button.

All available Channels will now be automatically connected and you can start with your first recording.

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