6.11 Start/End Events (Secondary Events) (v3.0)

By default, an Element is played "as it is" and no other Element is affected by this. But sometimes it can be useful to execute an Event at the same time the playout of a Video starts or ends. Sometimes known as a Secondary Event, Start/End Events can be executed while or after playing Videos. To be able to add an Event to a Video as a Start or End Event, the Video as well as the Event must be loaded to the Workbench first.

Assigning an Event as a Start/End Action

  1. Make sure the Video and Event are inside of the Workbench.

  2. Select the Video and select a Start/End Event in the Inspector.

Playing a Video with a Start/End Event

  1. Start the playout of the Video.

  2. The Start/End Event will automatically be triggered at the beginning or end of the Video.

A Lock symbol will be shown in front of an element which is used as a Start/End Event. To be able to remove this Event from the Workbench, it has to be removed from the Main element before.

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